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Discover how the Isuzu 3.5t Works Truck can work for your business.

Isuzu Grafter 3.5t Works Truck.
A Proper Little Grafter.

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Features of the Grafter

1.9 litre engine

1.9 litre Engine

Our 120PS engine is more powerful, more efficient and lighter.

Grafter chassis

Lighter Chassis

Allowing for increased payload carrying capacity.

Grafter chassis

Independent Front Suspension

For improved ride quality.

Grafter chassis

6-speed Manual or Automatic Gearbox

For a car-like feel and ride.

Grafter chassis

Lean NOx Trap

Euro 6 compliant.

Select the Perfect Grafter for You

Chassis cab Isuzu Grafter

Chassis Cab

Single rear wheel + view specs

Twin rear wheel + view specs

Dropside Isuzu Grafter


Single rear wheel + view specs

Twin rear wheel + view specs

Tipper Isuzu Grafter


Single rear wheel + view specs

Twin rear wheel + view specs

Introducing the Isuzu Grafter

Our award-winning 3.5 tonne Grafter is one tough truck. With a Euro 6 120PS engine, 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox, compact footprint, reduced turning circle, powerful performance and excellent payload, the Isuzu Grafter comes loaded with features to help power your business. For the ultimate flexibility, the 3.5 tonne chassis cab is available with either single or twin rear wheels and this versatility delivers a unique blend of body options, payload, comfort and performance. Visit www.isuzutruck.co.uk to find out more.


Scot JCB Isuzu Grafter

"I have just replaced our previous Isuzu Grafter after it had successfully covered over 280,000 miles and the overall improvements I have noticed with the new Grafter 3.5t rigid are significant. In my opinion it's a much better truck in every sense. The new Grafter has a much better suspension, which gives it a far smoother ride, and makes the overall feel when driving to be more comfortable than its predecessor. I am already finding it to be more economical in operation too and that the cab is more spacious as well. Without doubt, I am very pleased overall with my new Isuzu truck."

Ian Lowe, Town and Country Roofing

VP Piletec Isuzu Grafter

"This is now our 4th Isuzu 3.5 tonne truck. As a working truck, it's absolutely fantastic, and we love the new cab layout that gives first-class all-round visibility including the much-improved wing mirrors. Everything within the cab is easily reachable. For comfort and drivability, it is absolutely first class and I would liken it to driving a Mercedes car, it's that good."

Steve Collard, Associated Building Contractors

Discover how the Isuzu Grafter can work for your business.

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